About Us

Hare Hollow was inspired through a cooperative of California olive growers striving to produce exceptional extra virgin olive oil. By enabling us to crop-share from various olive groves throughout the state, we are able to be selective which has lead to some of the best olive oils on the market.

Our balsamic vinegars and blends utilize 100% Italian balsamic made of grape must and wine vinegar, period. We do not add colorants, thickening agents, or preservatives to our products.

Give our products a try you will not be disapointed.

What Our Customers Say...

  • Joseph L. DiPietro
    I love your Balsamic vinegar! OMG we were shocked at the flavor and value for such a quality product. Also tried the Olive Oil so good. And I enjoy sending gifts to friends! They always enjoy the quality products at Hare Hollow.
    Joseph L. DiPietro
  • Hare Hollow Healdsburg Gift Box
    Several years ago I found a fig and date balsamic vinegar at a local deli.
    It turned out to be the first vinegar to use with salads that contain
    berries. Just the right combination of sweetness and tart. Unfortunately
    that store stopped carrying the vinegar and I searched for it on the
    internet and found Hare Hollow. I have been ordering their fig date vinegar
    for a few years now and I am thrilled with the product. I now use it for
    both salads and marinades. I recently used this vinegar to make Chicken
    Marbella and it was divine.  
    Linda Santee
    Verified Purchaser
  • Robert M.
    I needed a quick thank you gift for my sisters in Michigan.  I looked on the Hare Hollow web site and found a couple gift boxes that looked very appealing.  I went on line and ordered.  The package was there three days later and my sisters loved the olive oil but especially the blackberry ginger balsamic vinegar.  They put it on fresh strawberries!!!
    Robert M.
  • barrel aged balsamic
    Love the taste of the Balsamic Vinegar that you produce. It’s sweet yet full flavored. Makes my home grown tomatoes taste delicious with a nice drizzle of olive oil and fresh basil!
    Sonia G.
    Verified Purchaser
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